Jon DeRosa
Black Halo


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Jon DeRosa’s songs combine a certain kind of cult mysticism and otherworldly aura, with dreamlike atmospheres and a refined orchestral sound. His ability to successfully combine such disparate elements are what makes DeRosa such a singular character and his music so strikingly original. But then again, this is the kind of thing that can happen when your past includes studying under minimalist pioneer La Monte Young, collaborating with Stephin Merritt, and touring Europe with Lydia Lunch. 

Jon DeRosa – A Wolf In Preacher’s Clothes

  1. Birds Of Brooklyn
  2. True Men
  3. Snow Coffin
  4. Teenage Goths
  5. Easter Parade
  6. Tattooed Lady’s Blues
  7. Who Decides?
  8. Don’t Say Goodnight
  9. Ladies In Love
  10. Hollow Earth Theory

Jon DeRosa – Anchored

  1. Anchored
  2. Snow Coffin
  3. Ladies In Love
  4. Submarine Bells



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