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    Nice review of Anchored at UK site Leonard’s Lair: http://leonardslair.wordpress.com/2011/09/15/review-jon-derosa-anchored/

    Sometimes it seems lazy to compare artists to similar acts but at other times it would be almost irresponsible not to mention it. So whether it’s by acident or design, it’s almost impossible not to make comparisons between Jon DeRosa and Richard Hawley, even though these performers hail from Brooklyn and Sheffield, respectively.

    The resemblance is to the fore from the outset, courtesy of the ballad ‘Anchored’ where DeRosa croons in melancholic fashion above rich layers of instruments. ‘Snow Coffin’ moves in to mid-paced territory. So many artists use strings to embellish their songs but so often they merely serve to cover up failings on the songrwriting front. Here, they definitely complement the natural warmth of the song. ‘Ladies In Love’, on the other hand, recalls the elegant, urbane atmosphere of The Divine Comedy and it’s then left to ‘Submarine Bells’ (a cover of a track by The Chills) to provide the lullaby moment; the arrangements surrounding DeRosa’s echoed croon like twinkling stars.

    DeRosa has been better known as frontman for drone-pop act Aarktica for over a decade. Due to its limited release, ‘Anchored’ may not change that situation but whether this is a brief side project or not, there is a wonderful voice here which simply demands to be heard.


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