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    “Jon De Rosa takes gothic melancholia into the folk realm on his debut, a collection of gloomy songs that grapple with concepts of faith. Graceful arpeggios and lilting chord sequences are accompanied on different tunes by an interesting array of elements: mournful electric guitar, hand percussion, drum kit, viola, harp, and keyboards. De Rosa’s bass vocals possess a theatrical quality that offers a nice contrast to his acoustic six-string, and he sustains a balance of light and dark that keeps the songs compelling.” –Acoustic Guitar Magazine

    “[Dead Leaves Rising] makes The Red House Painters sound like members of the local glee club.” – Ink 19

    “This is certainly my favorite of [DeRosa’s] solo work. His voice is perfect for the pristine guitar and soft melodies, filling these long, moving songs with a deep melancholy and beauty that is very unique.”- Jeff Marsh, Delusions of Adequacy


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