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    “Because it is lyrically so unabashedly sentimental, I knew that the arrangement would have to be either very minimal or completely the opposite, very grand,” [DeRosa} revealed. “Of course I decided to go for broke with the latter.”

    Read the full piece and stream the track at Big Takeover Magazine here.

    Photo by Michael Wood.


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    “Jon DeRosa’s world is intrinsically linked to places unseen as his music weaves together the spiritual and the psychedelic. But while his lyrics are celestial in nature, his sound is warm, hovering in familiar terrain.”

    Read the full piece and stream the Dave Sisko’s remix of “High & Lonely” here.

    Photo by Michael Wood.


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    We are pleased to present for your viewing pleasure the official video for “High & Lonely.” Produced and directed by The Current Sea.


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    Just returned from a week in Los Angeles, and am now stuffing Anchored CDs back in Brooklyn. Official release is September 13th on Silber Records, but I will have advance ordering information up here soon.

    If you’re curious about the album, from Silber Records:

    Anchored is the debut solo release for Jon DeRosa, best known as leader of the Brooklyn-based drone-pop band Aarktica. With his eponymous solo release, DeRosa’s sound evolves from the frozen tundra of Aarktica to the deeply enigmatic moan of the open sea. Adding his own rich baritone voice to a landscape dominated by strings, horns and the guitar atmospherics of his previous projects, DeRosa’s sonic maturation is one of noir elegance.

    DeRosa’s new musical incarnation is enveloping cinematic pop, a dark troubadour style reminiscent of Lou Reed or Robert Wyatt, or more directly Paul Buchanan of The Blue Nile. In tone, his new work can be compared to Spiritualized, or Echo and the Bunnymen, with the title track, “Anchored” being perhaps DeRosa’s own “Ocean Rain.”

    Following is the deception of “Snow Coffin,” a sweet lullaby of indie-pop belying a tale of murder and betrayal in the dark of winter. In his brooding ballad “Ladies in Love,” DeRosa borrows from the poetry of serial killer Charles Schmid, the notorious “Pied Piper of Tucson”. The album closes with a warm lull of vibes and horns in his update of The Chills ‘”Submarine Bells.”

    DeRosa is notably backed by Julia Kent on cello and Jon Natchez (Beirut/Yellow Ostrich) on horns and woodwinds. Also featured is the voice of Lorraine Lelis (ex-Mahogany, Aarktica). The album was mixed at Mother West in NYC by Charles Newman (Magnetic Fields, Soko, Gospel Music).

    The physical release is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, with printing by Starbage Hands Press.

    Songs from the EP can be heard via Soundcloud at the “Music” portion of this site, or here to listen to the title track “Anchored.”