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    Jon DeRosa’s debut solo release, Anchored is officially released as of September 13th. It can be purchased direct from Silber Records, as well as Darla Records, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and digitally through Silber Records, CD Baby, Itunes and all the usual suspects.

    Since this is a very limited release, buying direct from Silber will ensure you get yours before anyone else. The physical pressing is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, printed by Starbage Hands in Portland, OR.

    Email us if you are not able to find it or download it from your digital store of choice: info [at]

    Evening of Light (Netherlands) says of Anchored:

    DeRosa effortlessly shifts musical gear and delivers a celebration of song in a very pure form. There aren’t that many concrete genre trappings here, though classic American pop from early last century is a prominent one, and it sounds perfectly at home in 2011, at least in this form. No need for any specific target-group recommendations here. This is simply a beautiful release, so go have a listen. I hope it is a precursor of more to come.

    Read the entire review here and look for an extensive interview with Jon on Evening of Light this week, accompanied by a “best of” Jon DeRosa/Aarktica playlist!

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    For all of you longtime listeners, you’ll be pleased to know that this week also marks the digital reissue of both Dead Leaves Rising albums, Shadow Complex (1997) and Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of No One (2001). Both of these albums have been out-of-print for close to a decade. You can download them direct from Silber Records, CD Baby, Itunes, and all other digital outlets.

    From Acoustic Guitar Magazine back in 1997:

    Jon De Rosa takes gothic melancholia into the folk realm on his debut, a collection of gloomy songs that grapple with concepts of faith. Graceful arpeggios and lilting chord sequences are accompanied on different tunes by an interesting array of elements: mournful electric guitar, hand percussion, drum kit, viola, harp, and keyboards. De Rosa’s bass vocals possess a theatrical quality that offers a nice contrast to his acoustic six-string, and he sustains a balance of light and dark that keeps the songs compelling.


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