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    “Aarktica’s songs are extended reveries, built on loops of guitars and drums and occasional voices. The musical elements hover and circle, float by or bristle with distortion as the songs drift through serenity and trouble.” – Jon Pareles, The New York Times

    “Aarktica is cold, pure, and almost inescapably tranquil.” – Pitchfork

    “Guitars, voices and electronic pulses are layered together in stately, gradually changing, mostly instrumental songs that could come from a less neurotic version of the Cure.” – The New York Times

    “I was talking to a friend about the music of Aarktica and threw out the term “drone pop” after which we both had a bit of a chuckle (simply because the terms seem like the exact opposite of one another), but in all honesty it’s one of the best explanations of the kind of musical worlds that DeRosa creates.” –Almost Cool

    “Soft, soothing sounds for baby from spacepop pinup Jon DeRosa. Amidst the Indian harmonium, Vini Reilly-esque delayed guitar, and Jon’s own cooing, there are songs – but they drift along seamlessly.” – Chickfactor

    “DeRosa combines ambient sounds with subtle pop elements to create a sound that is all his own. His music is not obvious…but is, instead, a peculiar blend of odd sounds and slightly surreal instrumental passages. Just when you think things are starting to sound somewhat normal…the music suddenly takes a turn and heads into deeper waters.” – Babysue

    “Ambient sounds and backwards vocals drift in the background like the start of a surreal dream. Then the beat picks up and moves fast under drifting guitar, while static hiss and spacious notes reverberate. Soft vocals, almost spoken, slip through the sounds and cold desert and white plains are lost in the tundra. Haunting guitars echo between walls and fall soft between scraps of sound, found and played in the spaces that are left empty and waiting. Pulled apart by strung out saxophone and pushed together by the random solidity of the drum machine.” – Marcel Feldman, The Big Takeover

    “Aarktica takes new wave ballads of despair (a la Depeche Mode’s loneliest moments) and stretches them out, accentuating both the beauty and the sadness through atmosphere and a slow pace…It’s a serene mix of minimalism, ambience and melody, spectacularly done. There’s a solitary feeling to [Aarktica] that’s both comforting and lonely, like it’s both a soundtrack to the loneliest evening ever and a prelude to eternal love.” – Erasing Clouds

    “Why isn’t Jon DeRosa’s work as Aarktica mentioned in the same breath as Stars of the Lid or Eluvium when discussing ambient/drone music? Ever since losing hearing in his right ear in 1999, DeRosa has succeeded in using the drifting guitar tones of Aarktica to conjure up the underwater experience that hearing music has become for him.” – Popmatters


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